ROCK THE COAST makes the announcement of the exclusive performance of RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW. One of the biggest bands in Rock history will perform only four concerts in 2019 and one of them will take place in Rock the Coast festival.

“Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll”, “All Night Long”, “Stargazer, “Man on the Silver Mountain” and the greatest classics of DEEP PURPLE: “Smoke on the water”, “Perfect Strangers”. All these classics songs that you remember listening to over the years, with which many generations have been raised and which sound remains extremely brilliant, even as the years pass by.

Now, Ritchie Blackmore returns to conquer the audience with all these songs, performed masterfully by the magnificent voice of Ronnie Romero.

Ritchie Blackmore is one of the greatest British artists of the century. He is the founding member of Rainbow, but also of Deep Purple and Blackmore’s Night. Considered one of the greatest guitarists of all times, his influence extends beyond the world of Rock music and his records, which have all reached the category of gold or platinum in Britain, are among the best sellers in the history of music.

Rock the Coast emerges as one of the essential events for the next 2019, as it will be one of Ritchie Blackmore’s very few and exclusive live performances with Rainbow.