It is NOT allowed to enter to the festival with the following objects:

  • glass jars, knives, cutting weapons, sharp objects or any other weapons or items that might be used as a weapons;
  • beach chairs, beach umbrellas or hammocks;
  • spray cans;
  • bikes, roller-skates, skateboards, skates, etc.
  • glass, hip flask, water canteens;
  • fireworks, sparklers, firecrackers;
  • selfie sticks, tripods;
  • laser pointers, torches;
  • photo or video cameras;
  • large backpacks (cloth backpacks, handbags and fanny packs are allowed);
  • musical instruments;
  • animal; or
  • illegal drugs.

It is allowed to enter to the festival with the following objects:

  • Water bottles (up to 500 ml without cap).

Where is the festival located?

Please see the map.

Can I leave and return to the venue?


Can I pay with credit card inside the festival premises?


Where can I find accommodation?

Please see the section Plan Your Stay.

Can I take a photo camera with me?

Photo cameras are not allowed to the attending public.

Are there any items forbidden?

Yes. Please see the section Rules.

Where can I buy my ticket?

Buy your tickets at

I bought my ticket on-line, but I haven’t received yet. What can I do?

Please write to the Customer Service and we will try to help you.