Where is the festival located?
Here is the map www.rockthecoastfestival.es/19/plano/

Can I leave and re-enter?

Can I pay by credit card at the festival?
Check the Cashless section.

Where can I stay?
Check the section Plan your stay.

Can I take my camera?
Only compact.

Are there prohibited objects?
Yes, check on this page.

Where can I buy my ticket?
At www.ticketmadness.es

Is it necessary to bring the printed entry or having it on the mobile phone is enough?
On the mobile is enough.

What area and where is the parking provided please?

Can vehicles enter the premises or exclusively tents?
Only stores

Can you put water and food in the concert?
Snack and water without cap of 50 cl.

Can I enter with the VIP?
VIP is not an entrance, it is an upgrade. The entrance is separate.

Do I have to hand over the physical entry for the bracelet?
You can ask to be returned if you want to save it.

Can you only pay with the bracelet?

Is the wristband waterproof?

How is the bracelet recharged?

Do children under 12 get free?
Yes, www.rockthecoastfestival.es/19/menores/

Is it necessary to change the camping ticket by wristband?
Yes, www.rockthecoastfestival.es/19/zona-acampada/

Is there a fixed bathroom in the room or are all portable?
Both of them.

Are there shuttle buses?
Only from parking to the festival. From the center of Fuengirola to the festival there are scarce 30 minutes walking and the walk is beautiful;)

What beer will there be at the festival?

I have a personal entry, will my DNI be requested?
No, only entrance.

Can I pick up my friend’s bracelet?
No, the bracelets should be put by us.

Does the subscription allow me to enter Wardruna?
No, the subscription is only June 14 and 15.

Can you recover the money from the bracelet?
Yes www.rockthecoastfestival.es/19/cashless/

Will there be showers?
Only in the camping area.

Can you buy the VIP at the festival?
No, only online.

Where do I collect raffle prizes?
At the merchandising table.